Why buy a Vitamix blender instead of an industrial blender

Procaffe will compare the difference between Vitamix and other blender companies to help you choose to buy Vitamix blender easier.


The machine of the industrial machine

Vitamix industrial vitamins blender:

Vitamix Advance mill is smooth, easy to pour.

Three-dimensional Advance Mortar design when grinding produces circular motions. Due to the special shape design, when the mash beverage touches the surface of the mortar back into the blades.

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The Vitamix Advance has two rounds of ammunition that extend the life of the knives and improve the cleaning of the mortar

  • Vitamix Advance blade size is large, smooth and quick grinding.
  • Advance knife is removable, no need to replace the mortar.
  • The Vitamix Advance lids have a latching lid that holds down the drink.


Other industrial grinders:

  • Blend less fine
  • Square design when the mash beverage contact the surface of the folding cushion back in, circular motion up and down
  • The blade of the industrial blender knife has only one round of bearings, which is hot, worn and damaged
  • Small blade size, grinding stone coffee mill not fast.
  • Another blender with no lid latching lid
  • Blender blades are not removable, difficult to clean and replace.

Vitamix Advance blades

  • The Vitamix Advance blender blade is twice as large, faster and stronger grinding speed.
  • Buy Vitamix blender only needs to replace blades when worn / broken, need to replace mortar, save cost
  • Note: Replace the blade unit, not the blade itself and the clutch assembly
  • Blade industrial blender knives


Small knife

There is only one round of silver bullets

Not disassembled from the mortar. Damaged / worn, always replace mortar. For example, the price of blender mill other than average price over 200usd

Vitamix is ​​available with a mortiser and an Advance grinder designed to operate more efficiently than any other industrial blender. Your initial investment in the Vitamix blender will be well worth it as it will help you to improve the quality of your drink, shorten the preparation time to make your customers more satisfied and save money. Alternative spare parts.

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