Vitamix Vitamins – The best choice for your bar!

As you prepare to open a coffee shop, you need a blender to make delicious desserts for your customers to enjoy. You need a durable grinder that can help you prepare more snacks. You will not be disappointed, but other ordinary grinders will not please you. Yes, that is the legitimate requirement of the customer to be the Vitamix brand to comprehend and produce Vitamix industrial vitamins. With this great product you are absolutely assured of the delicious delicious vitamins, the most impressive dishes.

Vitamix Vitamins - The best choice for your bar

Classification of Vitamix industrial vitamins

The Vitamix industrial blender products are divided into two main streams:

Powerful blender: Vitamix Drink Machine Two-Speed, Vitamix Drink Machine Advance (Six-Speed), Vitamix T & G 2 Blending Station and Vitamix The Quiet One.

High-performance food processor: Vitamix Vita Prep 3 Vitamix industrial blender


Vitamix asserts that the most difficult raw materials are lost under the power of the Vitamix industrial blender.

All parts of the machine, such as motors, blades, mills, are thoroughly researched from the material to the structure, shape design to create a complete system, supporting each other.

Vitamix Vitamins - The best choice for your bar 1

The Vitamix blender is specifically designed for commercial use, where equipment must operate continuously for long periods of time.


Although it is an industrial blender, the Vitamix machines are easy to use thanks to the intuitive, simple interface.

Mixes made by vitamix industrial vitamins such as vitamins, cream, soup are guaranteed the best quality.

The speed of the drink is very fast thanks to the powerful engine, convenient design as well as easy cleaning after use.


Unified product quality

All Vitamix industrial vitamins have variable speed control (Variable Speed ​​Control). This mode allows the bartender to easily adjust the formulation of various drinks with different texture to catch up with the trend.

Consistent quality is always guaranteed thanks to Vitamix’s pre-programmed milling (speed and time of completion). Whether it be new employees, new stores, geographic locations, time … .. all do not affect the quality and taste of your products.


The versatility of the Vitamix industrial blender is always hailed from the café chain, smoothie or restaurant chef five star hotel because it brings the initiative in processing for all users.

Not to mention the horsepower of the engine is too strong (2HP-3HP), Vitamix outperformed other professional blenders thanks to the perfect combination of machine parts during operation to bring power Strong focus highest.

Time is gold, saving time helping to bring double profit. With powerful motors and large capacity, quick operation, Vitamix industrial blender helps to grind more smoothie, ground coffee .. more in shorter time.

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The Vitamix industrial blender brand was voted the world’s best blender for 7 consecutive years by the prestigious Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine, and has received 25 honors since 2007.

Regardless of how you use the machine, running continuously, Vitamix is ​​committed to product warranty up to 3 years – the number that confirms the excellent quality of this product.


If you are the owner of a brasserie, do not hesitate to own this Vitamix blender to make the preparation of your beverage and food more simple and time-saving.

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