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“As a result of extensive research and development, GROHE has developed kitchen and bathroom faucets and fittings which are lead free and corrosion-resistant. This technology has been one of the cornerstones of GROHE’s success in India,” says Ms. Renu Misra, Managing Director, GROHE India, in an interview with S.A. Faridi. With over 17 years of experience in different facets of business and financial management, how has your journey been so far? What fascinated you to choose this building materials industry which has traditionally been male dominated, and how has your experience been working with Grohe?

After having spent 17 years as a working professional, I came to a conclusion that we must work in any industry without per-conceived notions and stereotypes cluttering our professional vision. It is up to women to make their mark in any industry and change its perception as one being a monopoly of the male gender. I never viewed this industry as a space allocated for men alone. My approach to any field is that this is a sphere where I need to do my best and outshine competitors irrespective of their genders.

Retail and institutional sales are equally important for Grohe like products. What are your business strategies for both types of sales? As demand is being witnessed in hospitality and real estate sector, what steps are you taking to increase your institutional sales? Besides strategic tie-ups and sales partnerships with hotels, hospitals, big corporate properties and other hospitality sector enterprises, we at GROHE believe that our principles of minimalism coupled with superlative performance lend themselves well to sales of any nature, retail or institutional.

What is the company’s focus towards tier II and III cities which are witnessing strong growth trends?

We are equally focused in our marketing and sales strategies towards tier 2 and 3 cities as we are towards tier 1 metropolitan towns. The reason for this is simply that the demand from tier 2 and 3 towns is tremendous and holds great potential. As more customers from these cities gain higher exposure to international homes and lifestyles, their aspirations show a concomitant bend towards quality living products like GROHE. We’re planning to expand rapidly in these areas in the coming years. In India, corrosion in the sanitary fittings is a common problem due to harsh water quality; how is Grohe dealing with such issues? Does the company have Indian specific R&D which addresses all these issues?

As a result of extensive research and development, GROHE has developed kitchen and bathroom faucets and fittings which are lead-free and corrosion resistant. This technology has been one of the cornerstones of GROHE’s success in India. Lead is replaced by harmless metals like copper, ensuring unprecedented longevity as this composition is five times more resistant to corrosion. GROHE’s vast experience and expertise in the production of the GROHE StarLight technology ensures that the fittings will retain their shine in the long-term and will also be resistant to dirt, harsh water quality, and scratches.

In the current age of digitization, GROHE India has also come up with digital technology in its products range whether it’s sanitary ware or faucets used in kitchen. Would you please explain how this technology works and what are its benefits?

The GROHE digital technology is leading the way in the market by creating water saving products. In many collections, the mechanical operation has been replaced by touch-sensitive digital interfaces which help in conserving the precious resource of water. With intuitive digital control, faucets can be per-programmed with the preferred combination of temperature, flow rate and duration to create a highly pleasurable and customised bathroom or kitchen using experience. Digital technology also offers modules that help in transforming the shower cabin into a home spa with coloured light or pleasant steam to the sound of one’s favourite music.

How important are Indian sanitary fittings market for the company and contribution of the country’s operations towards its global sales revenues?

Very important due to:

  • 1. Growing Market
  • 2. Real Estate Boom
  • 3. Upcoming Projects
  • 4. Convenience seeking homemakers
  • 5. Lifestyle/Luxury Segment
  • 6. Environment-friendly

Will you please brief us about ‘GROHE Club – Professional Plumbers Program and its frequency? Also please tell us whether any plumber from anywhere in the country can participate in this program or it is only meant for trained and selected candidates from Grohe Group.

The GROHE CLUB is a much acclaimed initiative by GROHE as a part of the efforts to promote and increase technical training and specialisation amongst the plumbing community in India. The program provides plumbers with the opportunities and motivation to excel in their field and become proficient in handling latest technology products from GROHE. Apart from top level training and association with GROHE, the best performers are recognised and awarded for their work as part of the program. Plumbers are an important link between our products and consumers when it comes to helping them choose their perfect bathroom. GROHE Club is an initiative designed to reach out to this link, train them and upgrade their technical skills. Then they would be able to help our customers get the best value experience from GROHE.

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