The type of blender should be chosen for the cafe

Blender is a necessity in the coffee shops and is a popular item in the family to make delicious glass cups at home, especially in the hot summer days. Many people are anxious to buy a good blender to fit both the money spent and a quality grinder, long-term use. So let’s take a look at the suggestions below to have the right choice for yourself.

Blender has many types, come from many brands, according to which there are many different price, quality, depending on the needs, conditions of each person that choose the right type. What kind of blender should I buy? It is a question of many people when they first start to buy blenders for the family or open the water. As a source of quality blenders, DVP Market will share with you the tips when buying a blender that will make your shopping more convenient.

The type of blender should be chosen for the cafe


The blender is now divided into three categories: single-function blender, multi-function blender, hand blender. Single-function blender that only grinds on fruits or lightweight materials. A multifunctional blender in addition to a blender that can grind meat, crush fruit, grind nuts should be specially formulated to perform many of its functions. Handy grinder when using the power plug, hold the button holding the control button to blender.

Depending on your needs you choose the type of blender that suits you. The single-function grinder is suitable for home users who have small kitchens for fruit or conventional beaters. A multifunctional blender suitable for use in the water market, can do many functions without the need to buy a variety of machines in the kitchen. The hand-held blender is compact in size and has a removable battery that can be carried away without wires.

The brand of blender prestige

On the market today there are many types of grinders come from different brands. You should choose reputable brands such as Bluestone, Philips, Parasonic … for peace of mind.

Some blenders you should choose

Blender Universal Bluestone

Bluestone is a brand from the US, very popular in Vietnam. Bluestone has the advantage of running quietly, beautifully designed, easy to use and hygienic but affordable. Blender has many functions, smooth grinding material smooth, easy to save time and electricity.

The type of blender should be chosen for the cafe 1

Bluestone machines have 3 blenders: blender jar with lid, cereal mill, meat grinder and filter residue. The blender has a convenient lid, suitable for families with small children because of a variety of grind. The machine has a stainless steel serrated blade, durable, safe to make food quick, smooth. The machine automatically switches off after 30 seconds, protects the engine and ensures safety.

Panasonic Multipurpose Mills

Parasonic is a famous brand from Japan. The Panasonic blender is very durable, the blender is usually made of plastic scratched, the auxiliary parts made of glass resistant to break. Blades of stainless steel or titanium. The design of the machine attaches importance to simplicity but surely. Compared to other domestic products, the Panasonic multifunction blender has a price point in the middle and high end segment.

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Panasonic multifunctional blender also has the automatic shutdown when the problem, ensure safety, long-term use.

Philips blender

Philips is a brand from the Netherlands, world famous for its wide range of household products. Philips blender is affordable, warranty policy is very good.

The type of blender should be chosen for the cafe 2

Philips blender is designed to be quite compact, the parts are integrated in a reasonable and neat. The built-in sensor helps the user to control the speed of grinding easily.

The Philips HR2115 blender is the first Philips product to consider. The machine has two blenders, a 2 liter blender mill and a 0.4 liter dry grinder to grind grain grains and grind them. Both counters are made of hard plastic, resistant to breakage, safe.

Sunhouse blender

Sunhouse is a popular blender brand at affordable prices, featuring the versatile Sunhouse SHD5322 three-blender, capable of grinding both cereals and ice cubes.

Sunhouse’s blender products are better than similar products from Kangaroo, Magic Korea, Sokany.

Vitamix Blender

Vitamix is ​​the world’s leading industrial blender brand from the United States. It has powerful multi-purpose grinders, modern design, outstanding quality, fast speed and durability.

The type of blender should be chosen for the cafe 3

Vitamix Blend is a smoothie, smoothie, suitable for use in restaurants, hotels, cafes, large scale.

Blender Braun

Braun is renowned for its hand blenders, most notably the Braun MQ500, which incorporates state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. The machine is compact size in the hand, easy to move. The machine has two different power types that can be adjusted to suit  for each kind of food to grind, the machine works smoothly, rhythmically. Braun blender is suitable for use with families with children, to grind porridge, baby soup. The product comes with many different grinding blades to grind various kinds of convenient, flexible, energy-saving foods. Here are the blenders and brands and some outstanding line of machines. These products are from reputable brands so the quality is guaranteed.

The type of blender should be chosen for the cafe 4

Depending on your needs, choose the right machine. If you buy a machine to run a business, you can choose the line of Vitamix industrial blender, Philips multipurpose milling machine, Panasonic multipurpose milling machine … Also only buy for home use, you can choose the machine Grind at a more affordable price but still ensure the function and quality as efficient blender of the brand Bluestone, Sunhouse. In addition, housewives can choose Bruan compact handy machine, convenient, easy to use. From the above information, you can answer the question “What kind of vitamins should I buy?” Medium-priced, low-cost segmentation machines are easy to select, with machines ranging from several hundred thousand that can be used.

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