The new generation Kingbender & Super Vitamix

With the superior features in the smoothing of vitamins and foodstuffs as well as cereal grains, fish meat, shrimp and crab … so the two lines Kingblender and Supper vitamix is ​​the first choice today. the business of vitamins, bars, food processing in restaurants, hotels and soy milk …

In the market there are many different types of grinders with different brands, styles and prices, accompanied by poor quality products, counterfeit goods so consumers are difficult to choose for themselves. The grinder is suitable for use. The disadvantages of the grinders on the market today are not crushed stone, high noise levels, poor warranty mode, replacement parts are expensive and difficult to find in the market.


With two series of Kingblender and Super Vitamix grinders you are completely assured of the quality of the product because this is a versatile grinder with innovative design technology for the customer group with high demand and long use. Long as the business of drinks, food processing for restaurants, hotels.

The ability to smooth stone such as ice cream and soybeans is not a ripple when it is a great advantage of the Kingblender blender, the blade is made of carbon steel imported from Germany with sharpness. and absolute anti-rust. Rotary motor with a large capacity 1500w, rotation speed from 38,000 to 45,000 rpm. Easy to grind completely all kinds of food: fish meat, dry cereal, soy beans, vitamins with ice …


Kingblender and Super Vitamix blenders are designed on modern American technology. Products are used in the United States and other countries around the world, although imported into Vietnam not long ago, but these two lines of business is very popular and consumed in the city. as big as Tp. City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang. Ms. Loan, 36, says she sells 200-300 cups a day on average, since the Kingblender mill has become the norm. Simple and easy.

With the superior features of the other grinders, the product meets the needs of business customers is the reason Kingblender and Super Vitamix always receive great attention from customers.

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Beijing Import Export Co., Ltd is the exclusive importer and distributor of KingBender and Super Vitamix grinders in Vietnam, which is backed by a one year warranty and component replacement support throughout the entire process. The product meets all export quality standards in Europe and North America and has been certified by the Technical Center for Standards and Quality in Vietnam.

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