The advantages of the vitamix blender 5200

I used the blender 5200 for about two and a half years and started to feel uncomfortable when it came out. It still works normally but sometimes it runs up to a higher speed even though I have adjusted to a low level. I do not like this situation because my friends have used this machine for a long time, about 5 years or more without any problems. When I referred to Vitamix’s customer care service, I found that the seven-year warranty was fantastic.

The advantages of the vitamix blender 5200

A polite and patient receptionist listened to me describe my problem and told me to return the product to the factory for inspection. She sent me an email asking me to put in front of the UPS label that I had stamped on the box and fortunately I still kept it. The complete repair machine appeared in front of my door 10 days after I returned it at the UPS store. They not only fix it but also replace a new bottle and cap. Also, everything is the same as my old one. Previously I had no experience like this in other warranty services.

The advantages of the vitamix blender 5200 1

Although this is the best blender I have ever owned, I only rate it one star. Because I have to use the stick to adjust the vitamin mixture when grinding. The problem lies in what you grind and how it shapes, rather than the continuous stirring by hand. I want only one input and the rest is the mill. It’s too high to fit into my closet, but this is not a big deal because I can take it apart. Now they have designed a lower and wider product of the same capacity that can solve two minor problems that I’m interested in if I want to buy a new mill. I have bad memories with cheaper blenders (Kitchenaid and Breville) and I will not risk trying any other brands again. Breville is obviously very bad. Although Vitamix is ​​slightly higher, I think it would be less expensive in terms of the value of the blender: $ 480/7 years x 365 days = 19 cents per blender; Although it only works for 7 years, I expect it will last longer.

The advantages of the vitamix blender 5200 2

The Vitamix’s strongest point is its ability to mash everything – lemons, bananas, flax seeds, calcium granules, etc., and it’s easy to clean.

The advantages of the vitamix blender 5200 3

An interesting experiment: Too warm? When the Vitamix was removed, I used the old KitchenAid blender and found that the vitamins were colder when using Vitamix. When the machine was returned, I tried one experiment: fill half the water tank and turn on the switch for 1 minute at the highest speed – measure the water temperature before and after, then repeat the experiment with speed 7. Results: The water temperature increased by 14oC with the highest speed of only 7oC at the lowest speed. I learned that grinding at maximum speed would ruin the smoothie and now I only grind at a low speed of about 7, occasionally increasing to the max. Add ice water several times, each time a little. This is not a weakness of the blender; it is simply the first principle of thermodynamics – the more kinetic energy the greater the heat.

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