Quality evaluation of industrial blender Philip vs Vitamix machine

Philip’s industrial vitamins and Vitamix mills are the most popular industrial blenders on the market today. The choice between the two types of blenders is so that also makes consumers wonder a lot. Try to compare the quality of the Philips industrial blender and the Vitamix.

Quality evaluation of industrial blender Philip vs Vitamix machine

Quality evaluation of industrial blender Philip

Philip is one of the brands blender in particular and household electrical appliances in general are quite popular in the market today. Philip’s household blender is also used in many homes. But also because of this “eye” that many people want to buy industrial blenders often choose industrial blender Philip, although not clear about the quality of the machine. Philip’s home appliance is of good quality, but the Philips industrial blender is not as good.

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Quality evaluation of industrial blender Philip vs Vitamix machine 1

The Philip’s industrial blender produces not really smooth grinding food, besides the machine noise is also a significant disadvantage. Therefore, when you want to buy industrial blenders, customers should not only pay attention to the brand from the manufacturer.

Evaluation of the Philip industrial blender against Vitamix

Compared with the Philip industrial blender, the Vitamix industrial blender may be less common and this also makes many customers hesitate to choose the product. However, with the need for industrial blenders, Vitamix mills are a more considerate option than Philip’s industrial blenders.


Vitamix machines have a relatively high speed of grinding, food after smoothing and especially no noise during operation. In addition, the genuine Vitamix mills in Vietnam are 100% imported from the United States should fully guarantee the technical standards and quality in the world’s leading fastidious.

To choose the right quality industrial blenders, you will need to pay attention to many factors

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