New GALILEO Electronic Faucet Line From Chicago Faucets Combines Tradition With Technology

Chicago Faucets is proud to announce the introduction of the Galileo[TM] Faucet Line… a new generation of electronic faucets that combines state-of-the art technology with legendary Chicago Faucet quality.

“When we developed the Galileo electronic faucet line we had two priorities,” said Richard O’Reagan, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Chicago Faucets. “Number one, they had to be the most reliable electronic faucets on the market today, solving all known technological challenges. And number two, they had to set the standard for technology, combining ease of maintenance, self diagnostics and customized operational modes.”

The heart of the Galileo faucet is the Synapse infrared motion sensing technology, which responds quickly every time. This same Synapse technology allows installers and maintenance personnel to easily adjust reaction settings, as well as diagnose problems, with a Palm-enabled device. “The Synapse Commander software really sets Galileo apart from other electronic faucets,” adds O’Reagan. “If a problem is detected, the faucet will broadcast what is wrong through a Synapse-enabled Palm device. So there’s no second-guessing. We call it technology that speaks for itself.”

Using Synapse Commander is quick and easy. Infrared allows for the adjustment of the sensing range, water metering modes and time delay, without opening the faucet electronics. This same technology enables you to check batteries, perform diagnostics and field maintenance, and scan for faucets requiring attention

The Galileo product line includes ADA-compliant lavatory and gooseneck models in a variety of configurations ideal for commercial and institutional installations. Powered by four AA batteries or conventional AC, Galileo’s sensor electronics are encapsulated in a strong epoxy casing, providing resistance to both water and vandalism. Galileo’s microprocessor delivers unparalleled reliability, image processing and reaction times. In fact, Galileo recalibrates automatically to its environment four times a second to eliminate interference from ghosting, reflections, lighting, translucent lens obstructions and other infrared products in the room.

The new faucet line also features a vandal-resistant design, including metal jackets on the cables to discourage the cutting of wires and connections that are encased in a tamper-resistant metal housing. In addition, extra strong mounting screws hold the spout securely in place to eliminate spinning, while Galileo’s aerators are virtually impossible to remove.

“The bottom line is, Galileo will stand up to the rigors of heavy use in hospitals, schools and public washrooms, while providing the ultimate in sanitation and ease of operation,” concluded O’Reagan. “We believe the reliability and durability of this faucet line, along with its Synapse Commander technology, is destined to make Galileo the most trouble-free and easy-to-maintain electronic faucet on the market today.” Chicago Faucets manufactures and markets kitchen and bath faucets, bar and service faucets, stops and supplies, as well as food service products, hospital and laboratory products and safety equipment. For additional information, contact The Chicago Faucets Company at 2100 Clearwater Drive, Des Plaines

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