Korean SBS two guide formula vitamins support effective cancer treatment

Two incredibly simple drink can prevent and treat cancer extremely effective. Have you ever thought of the food such as bulbs, shower or chives can become an exciting Smoothie with awesome best effects in preventing and treating cancer? Also don’t think that the taste of them would be “hard to swallow” by two healthy Smoothie this delicious dish than we thought so much.

How vitamins prevent cancer

Lotus tuber vitamins

Lotus root is a food has many uses for health. Koreans see CU sen as a symbol of fertility. They used the Lotus root, Lotus root dried kimchi-making as the pickled Lotus root tea or as a kind of Sun ginseng to enhance health. Lotus root very well in the elimination and excretion of mucus in the body. The nutrients in Lotus root helps strengthen the immune system should prevent the absorption of mucus, for the treatment of cancer.

How to do:


Pictures of fresh shower before making smoothies

For 1/2 bulbs, shower wash, remove the rind, cut slices just right along with the yogurt drink in the blender and grind all the mixture. The invited guests after enjoying this Smoothie dish was extremely sudden and “broken rules” praise the sweetness smell of it. The combination of Lotus root and yogurt is really not bad, right?

  • Lotus Root
  • Liquid yogurt

Vitamins chives

Not only used for dishes, shallots can be processed into a smoothie to take effect. Chives is extremely good for the liver, especially in liver detoxification. This will great drinks for liver cancer patients as well as detoxification and liver cancer prevention extremely effective.


Disk image vitamins chives

How to do:

For chives chopped, add the apples, raw shells cut the pieces just right with a little yogurt drink in the blender and pureed mixture. You probably will be slightly concerned with the smells of chives, and sour Apple however will soothe the taste chives. When drinking only see smells light, not heavy sometimes counterfeited smell. The invited guests after tasting all flavors of smoothies that chives are very pleasant and sweet. What if you can not be counterfeited, could trụng and make dating profile.


  • Chives
  • Apple
  • Yogurt drink

he Smoothies are really incredibly simple and easy to do. With only a few materials easier to find then the blink of an eye is already just two cups of extremely nutritious smoothie. If maintaining a two drink this drink, you’ll have to surprise with the use of magic.

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