How to use vitamix blender?

The vitamix is ​​a family machine for grinding fruits, lemons, hard nuts, even grind food for miles or elderly people. With a variety of functions, this blender becomes an indispensable tool in every family.

So, how to use vitamix blender to achieve the desired effect and be durable?


How to use the blender

To use the Vitamix blender effectively, you must first know how to adjust the speed. Depending on the purpose of use, there are different ways to adjust the type of food or drink you want. Prior to grinding, must be washed and must cut the food to be milled, separate vegetables to cut small sections. Then put into the machine, tighten and grind. As the machine is running, avoid placing the spoon, chopsticks or hard objects in the blender jar to avoid breaking the blade. Blend for 2-3 minutes then stop and stir and grind.


When grinding is complete, turn the knob to zero and unplug it.
Note when using vitamix blender is not to grind more than 3 minutes. If required to grind for a long time, after about 3 minutes of grinding, turn off the machine, unplug it from the outlet and let it cool down again. It is important to not overpower the size of the blender, if you need to grind a lot, then separate the feed for grinding and do not grind it. If you are grinding, the machine is deactivated by overload should turn off, unplug the power and let the machine cool down, about 15 minutes to start and normal grind.

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Also, after you finish any food or drink, you must also thoroughly rinse and let the machine dry so that the blender does not taint the food, especially for heavy foods. odor. Here are some basic notes and how to use the vitamix blender.

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