How to identify good blenders

Buying a blender is quite a headache because there are so many different models of different brands, with incredible advertising, as if their celebrity camera can crush an entire iPhone 6! Do you need a blender with up to 100 speeds? Or is the rounded container easier to clean?

Searching online sometimes has something to contradict. As Good Housekeeping puts the Oster Beehive Osterizer Classic Blender in a good A + rating, CNet says it’s the worst “grinder”.

Consumer Reports, while rigorously testing nearly 70 different blenders, concluded that none of the best in the market, because of the need to use each other’s machines. They therefore set out the following criteria for ranking:

How to identify good blenders

The common use of a blender is to grind classic smoothies (such as strawberry or banana blends) or potable water (like spinach with kale). The best machines produce smoothies and smoothies, though grinding anything; Uncured ice will clog the straw and drink a loss of appetite. Therefore, the machine must meet this new criteria to be ranked the best.

Good machines can be bought: Vitamix 5200 ($ 450) has the highest test scores of this type, but also cooked to be hot and smooth porridge. Another expensive machine, the Blendtec Designer 725 ($ 650) also meets this standard, but it can also be pre-programmed.

The best personal blender

This new milling machine has a small container for travel mug. The demand for the pot must be strong, with the lid closed so that the liquid from the bottle is not exposed. Currently, some individual grinders have failed to pass the Stability and Stability Test, such as the Back to Basics Blender Express BPE3BR, and the NutriBullet Pro 900 Series has a bladed blade when tested.

Good machine can buy: Ninja Nutri Ninja Pro ($ 90) grinds into smoothie stuff and is good for endurance testing. The Vitamix S30 ($ 400) is also good, there are two containers, a large 40 ounce bottle and a 20 ounce travel cup.

How to identify good blenders 2

For those who like juice

Blending fruits and vegetables into a drink that is high in nutrients and fiber is a must. Manufacturers use “watts” to rank power, but according to the test, it’s not a reliable sign. A machine can melt ice and fruit into a new drinking water tested.

Good machines can buy: The Vitamix Professional Series 750 ($ 650) achieves high scores in the test, which can be mixed up to a dense solution, but also guaranteed for up to seven years. Another powerful machine is the Blendtec Designer Series Wildside ($ 450).

Multipurpose machine

Some machines can do more than just grind a smoothie or shake. As can be made hot porridge, salsa, salad dressing, mayonnaise, nut butter, almond milk and frozen dessert. To be versatile, the machine must have a variety of speeds (slow to do mayonnaise, dressing, fast to make hot soup and grinding grain).

Good machines can buy: The Vitamix 5200 not only grinds smoothie but also does many things. Price slightly, but durable and secured for up to 7 years. Another Blendtec Designer 725 ($ 650) also achieved a high score on the multiprocessor test.

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Machine prices down

Today, blender prices can range from $ 500 upwards, sometimes as high as the Blendtec Stealth Blender ($ 1,500, with sound characteristics when grinded in a sealed unit). But money is not synonymous with good use, but sometimes cheap machines occupy a high position in the test.

Good machine can buy: Ninja Master Prep Professional QB 1004 ($ 60) used quite well in all the milling, cutting. But some readers say that the machine is broken, not durable. Another nice machine is the Cuisinart SmartPower CPB-300 ($ 70).

How to identify good blenders 1

Suitable for storage

If the kitchen does not have a suitable container, the blender must be placed outside the cabinet, on the countertop, sometimes inconvenient because of the place. Also consider buying a machine that is less than 18 inches (the typical distance between the cabinet and the counter).

Good machines can buy: The Vitamix 5200 has a low, neat 17.4-inch tank when placed on a stand. For less money, you can buy Waring Pro PBB225 ($ 100 price), only 15 inches high, which is pretty good at smoothie grinding.

Highly rated for convenience

Today’s blenders are becoming smoother and smarter, with features like pre-programmable, auto-clean, and an LCD screen for control. But for real convenience, some basic features such as easy-to-read lines for measuring components, easy to clean touchpad control, and a compact bottle light, easy to empty, easy to disassemble blade to clean.

Good machine can buy: Ninja Professional NJ600 ($ 100) combines these characteristics, ranked high in terms of convenience. Another high-end machine is the Breville Hemisphere 800BLXL ($ 200).

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