Common mistakes when using a blender

Blender is probably one of the easiest to use equipment in the kitchen. But for all the ingredients into the machine and wait until everything is pureed mixture of grind is not always like that. 
Here are a few bugs that experts discovered a lot of us do or make when grinding materials as well as some tips to get a drink and delicious smooth puree. 

Grind materials simultaneously

We often have the habit of removing material into the grinding machine and at the same time. But how to do this can cause the mill can not grind all the ingredients. It is better to grind in stages, starting with hard materials and grind until they are chopped off. Water or ice should be put in the final because then determining the amount of ice or water is needed for more easier. This way, the final mixture will not be grinding too thin. 


When not enough water or space around the blade, the blender can be deactivated. Meanwhile, we need to shutdown and use tools to spread the island and the raw material or to add water.

Using inappropriate fluid intake

The amount of fluid used affects the entire process, from the homogeneity of the mixture milled until its flavor. If too little fluid intake, the dish will not be smooth smoothie is too much, then grinding the mixture will be diluted. Moreover, too much water will reduce the nutritional value of the dish. Therefore, the best is that we should give less water if unsure, because then we can add if necessary.


Blender also makes the mixture diluted to 40%, so we need to pay attention when you want to add water, especially with the raw taste is not bold. If still worried mixture will be diluted, then we can use a little trick is to freeze the favorite fruits and then entered grind. Add milk or cream to also be able to make a smooth texture and enhance the taste of smoothies, cocktails or mixed fruit.

Preparation Material grind 

If we need to do a lot of vitamins or large amounts of vitamins, drink mix or food pureed, then we should split the material into own pocket to avoid the final product different flavor components due to the uneven material. If you like fresh food vitamins, first of all remember to do frozen fruits to get the vitamins superb dishes.

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