Choose to buy a blender or juicer for the family

Juice extractor and Blender are all useful appliances need in my family but if selected only buy one of the two products you should buy the product would fit Fruit presses. Juicer is a product that helps users create the glass of the delicious juices, nutritious, providing abundant vitamins, health supplements for family members.


  • Pressed a lot of vegetables, fruits such as apples, oranges, carrots … Large capacity machines on 400 W pressed are in shell, nuts, stems of the types of fruits and vegetables such as broccoli or pineapple.
  • Remove the fibrous part of fruits, vegetables to give out the glass of fresh juice, easy to drink. Can use the fibrous parts which to cook the dishes such as soup, porridge.
  • Automatic safety shutoff feature, the user peace of mind than when using the product.
  • A number of general-purpose products with mortar mixers.

The downside

  • Machine size to, need more space to layout.
  • Need of hygiene of air filter parts thoroughly after use.
  • Higher prices than a blender, range from 700,000 to 4 million VND VND or higher for products of multifunctional presses.


  • Present in every family, the Blender is an indispensable household by the versatile and useful of it.


  • Compact size, easily arranged in the kitchen and for the preservation of stored or sanitary products.
  • Large capacity grinders, makes it easy to create these delicious nutritious drink for the whole family just a grind.
  • Versatile and handy because in addition to mortars, air Blender also comes a small grinder to grind the dried foods, nuts or cereal.
  • Affordable prices, only from 250,000 VND per product.
  • Some portable grinders can easily carry eggs, travel …

The downside

  • Need for water when grinding for some vegetables.
  • When just grab some food juice then must use a sieve or filter fabric, fiber and food.
  • Notes when using the machine to grind the hard materials, only use the grinder from 30 seconds to 1 minute, and then 1-2 the new minute break should continue operation.

If just one machine to process daily nutritious Smoothie cups for the family, easy cleaning and arranging the Blender is the necessary choice. What if the financial capacity allows and many more uses, then please buy a crusher or multifunction blender for the family, as they will meet all the needs of pressed grind these foods vary according to each user’s purpose.

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