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The most commonly used Vitamix vitamins are Vitamix Machine 2 speed and Drink Machine Advance. Difference about 2 million, two professional blenders have different features quite clearly. Let the Procaffe unravel the outstanding features of each machine.

Professional Vitamix Drink Machine 2 speed

Vitamix Drink Machine 2 speed deserves to be voted the most cost-effective professional blender that you can find. Mixture of milk shake, sliced ​​fruit, smoothie vegetables or ground coffee are smooth and smooth with great speed with 2 speed.

Blender-Professiona-Vitamix-Compare features

To do this, the machine is equipped with powerful motor 2HP, power 1200W (home appliances capacity only about 500W). The rotating rotating system helps the beverage to be smoothed in a shorter time. Large, powerful motor cooling helps limit overheating in the motor when the machine has to operate continuously during peak hours.

In addition, two speed with a large 64oz mill. Users can mix 2 – 3 drinks at the same time to limit the waiting time of the guests.Therefore, Vitamix Drink Machine 2 speed can meet the high performance

Vitamix Drink Machine Advance 6 Optimized Programs

6 mixing programs and automatic shutdown

Unlike your friend 2 speed powerful but pretty basic operation when only one of two milling speed, Drink Machine Advance higher than that. The machine has 6 pre-mixed mills with different milling speed, different milling time and can be adjusted.

Blender-Professiona-Vitamix-Compare features-

In addition, the machine can automatically stop when finished drink (corresponding to the installation time for each formula). Therefore, when using Drink Machine Advance, franchise stores can achieve consistency in their products because the mixing process does not depend on the skill of the staff.

Advance mills in professional blenders

Same as 2 speed with powerful motor 2HP – 1200W, but the Drink Machine Advance grinder is much upgraded. Advance comes with a DMA grinder that is the most advanced version for grinders. With a capacity of 48oz, the mortar has a unique 3-sided winding shape. This three-sided design helps when the material rotates to form a circular motion, pulling back against the blades.

Blender-Professiona-Vitamix-Compare features-1

The bottom of the mortar is also larger than the two-speed mortar, limiting the heavy-duty cold components to sink downward, making it difficult to cut the material. Thanks to that, the mixing is faster and more efficient than the regular one.

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Looking at the picture above, it can be seen that the Drink Machine Advance is more than two speed. High-speed, high-speed cutting. The grinding time is improved, the blades are less worn out.


Vitamix’s two best-selling burgers, Drink Machine 2 speed and Drink Machine Advance are all guaranteed 36-month motorbikes. Drink Machine Advance provides users with more options for controlling the beverage structure, making it easier to use with specific setup programs and stopwatches, saving time and increasing productivity.

Advance knife. Meanwhile, at a more affordable price, the Drink Machine 2 speed still meets the demands of a takeaway or smoothie cafe with a powerful 2HP engine, large capacity grinder for a variety of drinks, Simple operation with 2 milling speed.

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